Thursday, September 29, 2011

Green Packet Berhad & P1

Puan Chan Cheong is the managing Director and CEO of Green Packet Berhad. He grew up in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia and graduated from the university of Nebraska, USA. He made his RM1 million at age 25. Green Packet Berhad is listed on Bursa Malaysia with revenue over RM10million a year.

Packet One Networks (P1) is a Malaysian converged telecommunications, broadband and Wimax service provider. The company was founded in 2002 and is a subsidiary of Green Packet Berhad. In March 2007, P1 was one of four companies awarded 2.3 GHz spectrum licenses by the Malaysian Government to deploy WiMAX services throughout Malaysia. In August 2008, P1 became the first company to launch commercial WiMAX services in Malaysia. (Wikipedia).


now I know what is malaysiakini.com

Founder/CEO malaysiakini.com, Mr Premesh Chandran

check it out by yourself!
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Social Business

First define Nobel Peace Prize laureate : Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus, World Economic Forum 2009 Annual Meeting.jpg

You inspired me!

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Muhammad Yunus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Most Memorable Experience Buying Online

Self picture taken in early 2004 when I started buying online
I started buying online in 2004 through one of the biggest direct selling company in Malaysia. I was very excited when I received my first product ordered through online that was delivered right to my bachelor house at that time. Since then I started to have confidence and believe buying things or shopping via online and most of product that I use at home I order through online such as dish wash, laundry detergent, floor cleaning, window cleaning, metal cleaning, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, supplements, cloth, stationery and a lot more!
However, my most memorable experience buying online is buying cloth diapers for my second kid, my beloved son Carl Adam. It was my wife who excite me to buy it from online shops including www.deapache.com, www.lunatots.com, www.sarakids.com, and sofeababywear.blogspot.com. So far we have 2o pieces cloth diapers that we conveniencely use everyday for our cute little baby.
Some of our first cloth diapers that we purchased from deapache.com

Some of cloth diapers that we bought from lunatots.com

Carl in his new cloth diapers that we bought from www.deapache.com

Carl Adam in baby suit that we purchased from sofeababywear.blogspots.com (with inner cloth diapers purchased from deapache.com)
We never use cloth diapers before. We are using disposable diapers for my first daughter Damia as most people using it. We use disposable diapers for Damia since her born until she is almost 4 years old.
My daughter Damia is trying to put his brother's cloth diapers on her teddy bear :)

The average usage for her is 8 pieces per day after born until about 2 months old and reduces about 6 pieces per day up to 2 years old and going down to about 4 pieces per day until she stop using it at age 4 years old. So total about 4 years since her born is 7,320 pieces at average cost RM0.60 per piece and it cost RM4,392.
Therefore, we do the following cost evaluation for cloth diapers for comparison:
1 cloth diapers = RM20 (online)
20 cloth diapers = RM400 that can last for more than 4 years.
So I save RM3,992!!!
Say I need to buy 20 replacements after 2 years using:
Additional 20 cloth diapers: RM400
Plus 20 pieces earlier RM400 = RM800 for 4 years usage.
And I still save RM3,592!!!
Says you only use disposable diapers for 3 years with total 5,880 pieces with cost RM3,528.
So you still save RM3,128 for 20 cloth diapers or RM2,728 for 40 cloth diapers!!!
And most importantly I save environment by not using 7,320 pieces (4 years usage) or 5,880 pieces (3 years usage) disposable diapers!!
* I pieces disposable diapers thickness is about 0.5 inch (0.042ft ) if 5,880 to 7,320 pieces equal 15 to 19 storey building!!!
My amateur simple illustration to show the usage of disposable diapers for our daughter Damia for 4 years (the disposable diapers in the photo is just 80 pieces. You can imagine how 7,320 pieces looks like! )
That makes my change much more meaningful that is save our planet by not using unrecyclable disposable diapers! Plus harmful chemical (urine + absorbent chemical material inside disposable diapers) contains in the disposable diapers after you dispose it (exclude other material in our garbage as we are not well separate our garbage.
Even most of the time I'm the one who do the pre-cleaning before wash it using washing machine, I'm very proud to do it as one of my mission to save environment beside save my pocket money- I don't mind wash it!
Since I am Metallica fan and AC Milan fan and I am going to create another memorable online shopping experience, here are my upcoming items that I wanted to purchase for my son through online shopping :
Upcoming rompers for my son that I'm going to buy from METALLICA.com|Store (metallica.come/store_landing_asp)

Upcoming bid for my son that I'm going to buy from METALLICA.com|Store (metallica.come/store_landing_asp)
Upcoming rompers for my son that I'm going to buy from METALLICA.com|Store (metallica.come/store_landing_asp)

Upcoming rompers for my son that I'm going to buy from Milan Store (store.acmilan.com)
Upcoming bid for my son that I'm going to buy from Milan Store (store.acmilan.com)

As we are sharing the advantages of using cloth diapers that make our online buying become our most memorable experience buying online, we are looking forward to invest in online business in the near future as one of our mission to save our planet.

Rosmi Zamzuri Rusly
Serotech Sdn Bhd

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Aku suka.

I don't know what people think about me?

I like art. I like technology. I am detail type of person. Sometime very detail.

Aku suka warna merah.

Aku suka lukis. Aku suka dengar lagu heavy metal especially lagu Cromok & Metallica. Sometime dengar all type of songs. Aku suka dengar lagu M.Nasir.Aku suka baca buku. Aku suka pakai cap.

Aku suka motor Titan Gecko (Cruiser).

Aku suka kete futuristic look.

Aku suka gitar.

Aku suka beli barang. Aku suka jual barang.

Aku suka main dengan baby/budak-budak.

Aku selalu curious tentang kesihatan. Aku suka kimia.

Aku suka decorate house.

Aku suka bunga

Aku suka Nisah. Aku sayang dia!

Aku suka Damia. Aku sayang dia!

Aku suka Carl. Aku sayang dia!

Aku suka Dr Aziz!

Aku suka Kak Saleha, Johan, Kak Jah & Abg Syed

Banyak lagi yang aku suka. Bukan suka-suka. Bukan sesuka hati!

Gua chow!
Moving Forward..
* Next- I miss Japan!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kenapa Aku Tulis Blog?

Kenapa tulis blog balik bro?

Ramai yang tanya kenapa aku sibuk tulis blog lepas aku publish pukul 5:10pagi semalam. Simple reason:
1. Idea banyak nak menulis tapi tak jugak re-start. So, already re-started selepas 2 tahun tersadai.

2. Aku tak boleh tido semalam sebab Damia demam. So, to stay awake do someting other than work. kalau buat keje ngantuk

3. Fikir punya fikir aku rasa nak tulis pasal the past, present & future of me + family. Good for muhasabah diri and plan for future. That's all! Itu pun kalau sempat menulis ;) .

Picture taken on 2nd June 2011 @ 1:54pm @ Choo's farm Cameron Highland. It's time to explore the industries that I'm working with for the sake of the company that I'm lead now as CEO= "Chief Everything Officer". This type of CEO kena kasik satu segment lain tulis. Kepala sarat sekarang nak citer. Layan Cromok + Metallica kasik balance. Balance ke?

Still not talking about the whole picture of my vision yet. Perhaps write about me first. I doesn't matter for the start. Chow!

Moving forward..

my life colours

Harith, Zafirah & Nisah.. my life colours.
Lama aku tak menulis. Last aku post 14 December 2009. At that time Hawa Damia Zafirah (call Damia) baru 2 tahun lebih. Sekarang Dia dah 3 tahun 9 bulan. Gambar ni amik on 26/12/2010. Pakat nak tengok Planetarium Negara macam mana rupa. Time ni Ayg dah sarat pregnant kat Carl Adam Harith (call Carl). lagi beberapa minggu nak bersalin. Rasa nak tulis pasal diaorang ni. Letak title nama last diaorang. Saje letak macam tu sebab tiba2 terfikir nama-nama tu sometimes last month masa tengah drive. Aku pun tak ingat hari apa. Ntah kenapa tetiba nak tulis balik dalam blog aku yang dekat dua tahun tinggal. Seingat aku aku post satu jer pun time tu. Poyo nak tulis blog tapi tak tahu apa nak tulis. Tak tahu apa theme blog aku. Last-last tersadai! I'm trying hard making come back..

Gambar Damia masa aku start tulis blog time tu. Umur dia dah 2 tahun lebih time ni. Time tu dia kat kampung cuti sekolah Ayg nak lepak kat kampung. Aku layan blues kat rumah sesorang

Ni ayat aku yang aku simpan dalam draft blog ni bersama gambar tu dated 14 December 2009, Title "Aku dan Koji-*Lama tak jumpa koji. Sedih bila aku call dia excited but bila nak hang up dia nangis. Aduh! Perasaan baru sebagai bapa. Tak pernah aku berjauhan dengan dia lama-lama macam ni.. Kita akan berjumpa lagi ya koji.. Miss you very much!* (Koji nama pangillan geram aku kat Damia time tu).

Gambar Damia lepas 1 jam lahir taken@ 27 September 2006@ 6:54am. Dia masih terpisah dengan Umi dia sebab dia lahir lewat dan dah buang air besar kat dalam perut. Dia lahir hari Isnin 27 September 2007 @ 5:42am (Imsak time tu). Dia lahir bulan puasa. Lagi 2 minggu nak raya. Sonok sangat time tu! Aku sahur dalam kete tunggu Ayg bersalin time tu. Macam-macam perasaan time tu tak tahu nak citer (cer citer, cer citer hahaha).

Gambar Damia lebih kurang 12 jam lepas lahir. Taken @ 27 September 2006@ 5:12pm.

Gambar Damia raya dengan Umi. Tema merah warna kesukaan aku. Umur baru dua minggu time tu.

Damia masa kenduri Akikah dia. Umur dalam 7 bulan. Picture taken 19 April 2008.

Damia masa birthday yang ke-3. Damia suka baca buku and art.

Gambar Damia sekarang taken 17 june 2011@718am sebelum hantar dia pi tadika. Dia suka sangat nak belajar kat sekolah walaupun umur tak sampai 4 tahun. Petah bercakap, cepat belajar & senang ingat. Ni sebab aku bagi dia makan Salmon Omega sejak dia umur 9 bulan lagi follow nasihat Dr Aziz. Dr Aziz? Orang yang banyak ubah persepsi aku tentang hidup. Aku citer lain segment nanti (tetiba rasa exited nak menulis lagi ;) ).

Carl Adam Harith. Nama baru dalam hidup aku & Ayg. Totally different angle of our life. Anak lelaki yang jadikan anak kami sepasang. Syukur Alhamdulillah...

Gambar Carl lepas ngam-ngam sejam lepas dia lahir. Dia lahir 21.1.2011 @ 11:38am @ Taiping General Hospital. Picture taken @ 12:38pm. Macam anak Japanese pun ada. Chinese pun ada.

Gambar Carl 5 jam lepas lahir. Picture taken @ 5:49pm.

Gambar Carl latest. Taken on 18 June 2011 @ 10:10am. Gambar baru lepas mandi. Budak yang selalu excited and senyum kalau nampak aku, Ayg & Kakak dia.

Nisah a.k.a Umi
Tak tahu nak describe macam mana bertuah sangat aku jumpa Ayg. Ayat yang selalu ada dalam minda aku decribe dia.. It's an honour to love and married you sayang! Another word for her *Honey, you brought me to brighter life after you took me out from my “dark ages” and you enlighten me more after you brought me into Amway for a second time! – Love, Abg…

Kenangan terindah... Kami dijabkabulkan pada 17 November 2006 @ Taiping, Perak.

Kenduri rumah Ayg. Orange theme. 18 November 2006 @ 2pm

Potong kek. Bollywood theme. Rock bollywood! ;)

Malam lepas bukak hadiah. 18 November 2006 @ 10:30pm.

Kenduri rumah aku. 19 November 2006 @ 3:30pm. Theme Red Rock!! (di sebabkan rock, gambar senget sikit. Gambar head banging masa post.

That's all for now. I'll be back with more hiSTORY and Vision to move forward!

Thinking & Moving Forward..